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This is our Farewell

Hey guys. 

It’s with sad news that we, the Kyles, have decided to no longer continue A Kyle’s Fantasy. We’ve been doing this for a year and a half and it’s been fun answering your questions, playing games with you guys, and all the hours and hours of jacking off. Alas, each of us have more important things in our lives to focus on so we’ve each decided we cannot continue the blog.

Now don’t fret, even though we are each leaving the blog, it won’t be deleted. I have a dummy blog that will keep it alive. With that said, there won’t be any new posts and any asks sent will not be seen. It will exist solely as an archive for you guys to go through.

So, it’s been fun guys. Later!

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Best straight cock on the internet Just. Sexy. Men.

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Gabriel Lenfant 2

Adam ‘n Steve Get Married: Same-sex Wedding Stationery


Photo: Dave Gordon #malemodel #muscle #abs 
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